Find Your Fit

Our story 

Kalideskop provides clients with personal training options, high quality sportswear (K Sport), health/beauty products, and information services for living their best Kalideskop life. Founded by Jain Ja Williams in 2014, answering the call for an all encompassing brand with health at its core. Fitness should be apart of your daily routine because it improves overall quality of life . Feeling alive and ready to take on the world permeates into all aspects of living life and at Kalideskop we encourage the world to “find your fit”.

Health doesn’t just begin and end with what you eat or exercise, its a lifestyle. The journey isn’t easy and is the first step to holistic happiness of mind, body, and soul.  In 2012 Ms. Williams was diagnosed with Lupus, an auto-immune disease that is difficult to predict and even more challenging to treat. This completely contradicted her lifestyle of a lean well balanced diet, daily exercise, and healthy choices. The epiphany came to her while speaking with her doctor who commented that her lifestyle may be saving her life. Years of athletic competition, coaching, and professional personal training proved that lifestyle choices encourage the body to fight off infection, depression, and a plethora of ailments. Life can be unpredictable but we have a responsibility to prepare our bodies as well as our minds for any obstacle.

In operation since 2014, Kalideskop was born to provide the tools, knowledge, and encouragement to balancing life from the inside out. We cater to active sports enthusiast looking for a brand that supports their quest to a healthy lifestyle. We

Our clients strive for greatness and understand we are all heroes waiting to rise above mediocrity. True success stems from feeling good and finding your fit!