A Room for Everyone
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Our story 

Kalideskop was founded by current owner Jain Ja Williams, answering the plea for an all encompassing quality brand.  She traveled the world after working in the retail industry for over fifteen years, and was dissatisfied with the lack of options for others in her age group.  Realizing that others shared similar feelings, Kalideskop was born. Our brand caters to creative, educated, and stylish men and women ages 30-45. We have been in operation since 2014.

Our customer is an individual who appreciates quality and value.  They shun the idea of trends and prefer looking like themselves. They are adventurous in their fashion choices, enjoys living and feels like what they wear is a reflection of that.

We present our clients with high quality products and services that provide them with all the tools to lead a high styling, fashionable, Kalideskop life. We also collaborate with many different artists to create, with our in house designers, one of a kind K-Exclusives. We offer athletic wear through KSport, sexy and glamorous looks through Kalideskop and casual and bohemian styles via SkopStyle.

Our product offering consists of men and women’s fashion, beauty, and special collections with feature artists.